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Having worked in the shipping & logistics industry for over 10 years, this experience has given us very good insight into corporate structures as well as the opportunity to travel around the world. This has inevitably given us tremendous knowledge on best practice, innovation, trends and at the same time, a sound understanding on customer centeredness and quality – making sure that we treat each of our customers with the respect and feeling that we are a part of their family and business.

Having worked in an international organisation and being part of the management structures has given us a good platform to network with reputable companies which has also given us a competitive advantage in business.

This experience was first realised when we started building our first residence which was also the first property to be completed in Izinga. Utilising our shipping experience and network, we managed to import all the key home finishings and by handling the entire logistics for these items have resulted in huge savings as well.

After completing this and a few more projects it has created the need to setup Paragon Projects as a formal means of getting into the property industry. This together with our core value of “building homes and creating relationships” has given us great confidence in ensuring that we always stay true to our values and beliefs, by not only giving more in terms of value, but also knowing that we achieve the highest standards of quality in everything we do. We are always striving to be the best in what we do and therefore also ensure that we surround ourselves with a very strong professional team to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to our clients.

Our philosophy on business is very simply “always do something as if it is for oneself, not for others”.

Core Value
building homes and creating relationships

always do something as if it is for oneself, not for others